Frequently asked questions

What do you charge?

Collection details and pricing are available upon request.

Are you willing to travel?


Do you edit your own photographs?

I do! Many hours are spent carefully hand-editing each image individually.

Can we see the raw, unedited files or images that didn't "make the cut"?

Unfortunately, no. Images not selected for editing are not archived and therefore not available for viewing or purchase. Images that are not selected for editing are absolute duplicates, blurry, blinking or uncle-bob-walked-in-front-of-the-camera true outtakes.

When can we expect our images?

You can expect your wedding images within 60 days of your event. I appreciate your understanding during this time, I am making sure everything is perfect.

Can we see your contract?

I would love to grab a coffee and chat about my contract and other details! Email me to set up a time that is convenient for you.

Are you a digital or film photographer?

I am a hybrid photographer; meaning I photograph using both digital and film formats. I am in love with medium format film but I carry both cameras with me.

Can we remove the engagement session?

I think engagement sessions are incredibly important. You get to know how I work behind the camera and I get to know you as a couple a little more! I honestly feel it makes for better wedding photos, so I highly recommend it! You will end up with awesome photos of you both in a more relaxed setting! For these reasons, my engagement sessions are complimentary.